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dogfish head palo santo maron@gibson’s grill with grandpa dean # Powered by Twitter Tools.

and that’s roughly the reason behind me posting here; by hand that is, not letting some iPhone app auto-post some feed of what nerdy beer i’ve been drinking and where etc… here’s what drew’s been up to – or maybe its best i say, since to maintain my legitimacy for this blog only being a […]

bowwwww-ling with mr. white chocolates. w00t. @ Ocean Trl & Sandhill Ln # middle of where… @ County Dr & Enterprise Dr # Powered by Twitter Tools.

in Kill Devil Hills, NC # mighty fine day to suck at something @ Marlin Way & Ocean Trl # Powered by Twitter Tools.

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I make stuff on the inter-tubes. I'm somehow or another a strange hybrid creature of half-nerd, half artsy-fartsy designer with an unruly love for typography. I heart girls, and have 4 wonderful ones. Boosh!


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  • Jacob Patel: I often watch the Tyra Banks show late in the afternoon. Great show and great host.;~* [...]
  • amik: I love modx. Good idea to use coda to remove the code you dont need! [...]
  • Martha Thomson: Ellen is also very lucky to have a sweet and beautiful girlfriend like Portia De Rossi [...]
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